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Is the main initiative of the Instituto Trabajo y Familia, that aims to improve the economic and social condition of the families living in extreme poverty at the rural areas of the highlands.

In these isolated areas the presence of the Government is limited, the public services are weak and even inexistent, which makes it difficult to overcome poverty and exclusion. For this reason, the ITYF has given priority to have an integrated intervention model implemented in the Andean highlands of Peru (at an altitude of more than 7,500 feet above sea level).

SEMBRANDO has prioritized the work in populated centers with the highest extreme poverty rates and important infantile chronic malnutrition indicators.

The Program SEMBRANDO has identified the economical, and social factors that determine the elevated rates of poverty and malnutrition in this region, and has designed two working fronts to fight them:

  • Economic development, to improve the level of the families’ economic income.
  • Social development, to improve the health and hygiene of the families.

For the field interventions, we articulate and link with public institutions, (district, province municipalities, regional governments and the central government) with the common objective of improving the livelihoods of the most excluded populations.

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