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Renace was a pilot project from ITYF to bring cellular telephonic communications and internet to extreme poverty areas and isolated communities (including communities with no electricity), with the objective of demonstrating the benefits that those populations could obtain trough internet connection in sensitive areas.

For example, to have access to a better education (through the internet), to immediate health services (through telephonic communication for emergencies), to more security (reporting thefts, accidents, land collapse presence of terrorism or drug trafficking), to facilitate the commercialization of their products (link to markets, clients, providers) and to get distant agricultural and technical support (consults in fertilizers use, protection against plague).

At the Chichir community (Cajamarca) one hundred children had access for the first time to computers and quickly and intuitively discovered how to use them.

The project showed that the biggest obstacle for the isolated and poor communities for the use of is not their lack of interest but the little commercial attractive for the provider companies.